Have you ever wondered Why Cows are So Healthy? Milk is Why!

Milk is for Strong Bodies and Strong Minds.

Two Servings of Milk a Day Keeps Bone Problems At Bay.

Milk matters beyond Nutrition.

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South India’s Leading Dairy Products Manufacturers and Suppliers.

Chosen from the Freshest, Most Finest Ingredients, we produce the best tasting nutritious packed milk. Running successfully across the Southern Districts of Tamil Nadu, we produce satiable products to meet our customer's needs.

What we do?

We support the development of Agriculture and Dairy Industry in Southern TamilNadu.

Our Milk Products are Rich and Handpicked by the Experienced Native Farmers of the Southern Districts of Tamil Nadu.

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A dairy cooperative


Panchai Dairy and Farm Products Pvt Limited., is proud about the indigenous products of its nativity.

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All about us, Our team, Management and our Growth toward future.

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Certified Products

We are ISO and FSSAI certified and our products are 'On The Mark' in Quality check.

Care for the environment & animal welfare

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